This is embarrassing to ask, but how can I put in a ponytail when I don't have bangs?

This is embarrassing to ask, but how can i put in a ponytail when i don't have bangs?

So I obviously know how to put in a ponytail, but not how to make it look good. I have long hair, it was recently cut and reaches mid-back now. I also have very long bangs (or no bangs) they reach past my collar bones. My problem is that with my face shape I HAVE to have a frame. So usually I would leave part of my bangs hanging out on the sides but as they've gotten longer I can't do that, because they look extremely flat and horrifying. There's also a dramatic line where I pulled a piece of my bangs out of the pony tail and it looks like a hot mess. I can't pull all my hair in a ponytail or it exaggerates my face. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you!
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