Think i should buy a wig like this to mess with people?

Hello ladies. I plan on getting a wig to mess with my friend (long story). I'm a man so this whole long hair thing is weird to me. I need help. HELP ME! xD

I also have no idea how to put on makeup..I'm thinking about just using a roller that they use on walls. Good plan or not? xP
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you should get a black wig to go with your sense of humour and use a paintroller, you'd still look the same..... :D
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lmao i must say thats pretty halarious i like the sense of humor haha yea i wouldnt recoment using a paint roller to put on make up lol but the wig should be darker so it looks natural and u could always put on some red lipstick and mascara u wont need to put on foundation but if u insist to then just get some liquid foundation and u can either put it on with your hands or use a little make up sponge,.. i cant believe how much i just wrote on this subject lol oh well.... have fun with it :) go freak some people out haha
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thanks for the smile! lol enjoy
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Well that's a problem then. :)
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I just shaved off my eyebrows!! What a conundrum!
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Ummm ok? Haha if your going to wear a wig make it a dark color to match your eyebrows.
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