tangles and hairstyle for sqr face

Tangles and hairstyle for sqr face

tangles keep my hair from looking its best ,however now in the shower i put a lil conditioner and comb 1 small handful at a time am i doing the right thing or should i try something else
and what hairstyle looks good for sqr faces plus i have fair skin (if that matters) id like to change my color any ideas?
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Make sure you are using a wide tooth comb while combing through wet hair. Brushing wet hair or using a small tooth comb can cause breakage resulting in even more tangles. Using a leave in detangler after the shower and combing out from the ends to the scalp is the best way to remove tangles safely. As far as a suiting look for a square face shape, try going for a side swept bang section as this will help to cover the corners in the forehead giving off a more oval illusion. If you wear face framing layers, make sure to keep them on the longer side to even out the strong jawline. Since you are fair skinned, I wouldn't go for too dark of hair color as this may result in looking too harsh and washing you out. Instead, go for a medium toned level. For more accurate advice on the perfect haircolor option please attach a picture with your question.
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You need to buy an anti-frizz serum & work it through your hair after washing it. Also, put your hair in a ponytail if you're going to be riding in your car with the window open-this is one of the main ways tangles are formed. I would also suggest sleeping on a satin pillowcase.
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Combing through your hair in the shower with conditioner is a good idea. Follow up with a leave in detangler so it is easier to come thru after the shower and the leave in detangler should keep it from tangling too much after it is dry. If you have very fair skin you can wear almost any color. Cool reds, chocolate browns, platinum blonde and even jet black.
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