Should i take out my ombre.

Fall's around the corner guys, should I take out my ombre and leave my hair one color/streaks.
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your ombre looks hot, your face shape suits it and your lips are very thin which matched with your cute nose, soi thing you should leav your ombre in but just di the bottom little bit white/light blonde!!!
hope my advice helpz !! x
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You can go for an all over tone or darken either the top and bottom or just the bottom. If you feel your current tones are too dark for fall, you can keep the ombre and go for more fall tones to stay current with the season. However, if your over it a solid color would also look cute. Just remember if you chose this route, you will not be vale to lift it back up later on or next summer without creating dryness or even breakage because you will now be overlapping bleach.
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I would suggest leaving your hair all one colour and cutting a few inches around the ends.
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Your hair is amazing . I wouldnt change a thing here !
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I think you look very pretty. Here's the thing: I have a feeling your ends are very dry & damaged. For that reason, I think I would suggest "shedding your skin" & getting a healthy new hair style for the fall.
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Not sure what ombre means but I wouldn't change anything your pretty!
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No, I love the ombre and it looks really pretty on you. I think it's a perfect look for fall!
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