Should I still wear bow and flower hairbands?

Should i still wear bow and flower hairbands?

I am obsessed with wearing bow and flower hairbands. It's not that i want to be like blair waldorf or something. Its something that i feel comfortable in. Now I will be starting my college, which is definitely the first sign of being an adult. My mom thinks i should stop wearing these babyish stuff as it gives a very informal impression to people sitting nearby you. Additionally, It does not go with the university i am going to get in. What should i do? Should I abandon them for forever? </3
Please advise me as a sister- cause i really need a proper advise. Thanks all. xoxo
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Being completely honest....i dont think you should get rid of them, they are what makes you, you. and no one can tell you otherwise. if someone dosnt like them, then thats their problem. but i think you should do whatever you want, you only live once.
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I wouldn't forget about them completely, perhaps keep then around for parties and to wear every now and then. Make sure to go with something a little less festive for the more serious times. Definitely do not lose your identity trying to please others though.
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I don't think they're childish at all! The give off a very polished, girl-next-door look. It's really up to you, do what makes you feel most comfortable!
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noo theyr dead cute- just ditch them on formal occasions as in a job interview or sumthing:)
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yes rock them! I love when someone has their own look and style! That make you, YOU! At the same time it can also depend on occasion and event too. But thats your style and what you like so when you like it, it will show and look great.
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I say yes and no. Because for one it's always fun to try something new, and you should be openminded especially during this new and exciting chapter in your life. But also two you should respect and love who you are with bow and flower headbands. This is one of the biggest challenges in life and as a woman, so if you can start mastering that now you will have a full and positive life! Plus, they're really cute, so I say do what you makes YOU feel beautiful.
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Wear them for fun, on the weekends and out with friends. You can wear a simpler headband during the school week and still keep it professional looking.
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NO! Flower and bow hairbands are classic accessories. I think they actually give off a little bit of a "preppy" feel, rather than "babyish". (:
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This accesories are beautiful no matter how old you are. And you still are young to wear them.
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Wear them when you go out, not while you're at school-unless you see other girls doing it-then I'd say, join them.
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