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Should i go reddy-brown before my school's beauty and the beast production?

I have dark blonde hair which I have gotten quite sick of as it isn't very interesting at all. I play a Silly Girl in my school's production of Beauty and the Beast, and although I would love for my character to have blonde hair (it will fit well with the ditzy character), I feel like I need a change, and it will brighten up my hair for when I'm on stage.. The only problem is that there are four Silly Girls, and two already have dark hair. I don't know if I should stay blonde and dye it after the performance, or go ahead and dye it now. This is an image of the colour I am after: What do you think? I am very pale like Emma, and I think it would suit my face well; I am just worried about my character.
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Thank you everyone. I agree with you Rosalie on the fact that I don't want a terrible hair colour for a performance I will look back on forever... Also to Briana, my hair colour isn't a bright blonde at all, it is more of a dark golden blonde.. So it wouldn't really stand out much anyway, especially compared to the third silly girl, who has white-blonde hair. And Depressed-Girl, they both have dark brown, no reddy-tinge like the brown I want to go.. So it would be different from theirs, but not much different.
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I think that is a good choice for you! Adding some layers and highlights would be a good option for you too.
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You shouldn't dye your hair right before a major performance because if it doesn't turn out well you don't want that immortalized in pictures.
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I think the color is beautiful! If you are looking to stand out amongst the silly girls, I would probably stay blond as two are already of darker bases. Who is the target audience? If you will be performing for parents I would stand out of the crowd in blond. However, if you will be performing in front of other peers, maybe to color is best since they are already used to seeing you with blond. You will really turn their heads coloring it the night before the big show!
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be different ! dye it blonde , black , brown , red , anything ! You'll stand out . Not anything like purple , pink & green of course ! Black might match your pale skin . Blonde & brown's pretty
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