Should i go blonde?

Hi! My natural hair colour is some kind of dark-blonde, but a few years ago I started to dye it red and later also brown. But now I want to do it blonde again. I'm just not sure if it would suit me. I hope you guys can help me :)
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Going from the red to the blonde may be difficult....I like your current color. If you decide on blonde, I would recommend a really dark golden blonde or Ombre.
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I like the red! You could pull off blonde imo though!
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Keep the red. It looks so great on you!!! Sorry I think blond would pull too brassy because it will take a lot of work to remove your current tone and undertones would still be present. Even if you were able to completely lift the red out, I think blond would wash you out too much. The red looks perfect on you!!!
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highlighted red hair the color blue of your eyes
Admittedly blonde is beautiful, not hurt to try!
Your hair is very beautiful
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I think you should do a light brown (I mean LIGHT) or do a very dirty blonde.
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i think a dark dirty blond would look goo but i love your hair the way it is and the colour and cut is fantastic it looks good with your face shape and complexion and is what i was looking for too! xxx
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i think that u can go for blond as it is ur natural hair colour and would suit u
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I would suggest making a consultation with a professional hairdresser. If your hair is currently colored, we really can't give you any DIY advice.
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no, your compltion wont let you wear it to well stay with your own colo,it's the better one
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I think that an auburn, reddish blonde would look great on you!
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