Should i go blond? warm or cool tones?

I've brown hair (with som grey now), grey-bue eyes and fair skin. I'm thinking about changig my hair totally. What's your advice - is blond OK for me or should I stay brunette?
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I wouldn't do blonde. It would probably be better if you stayed within the darker color range. :)
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i think you look better as a brunette. i was thinking about doing the same thing, but think about how much maintenance it will take to keep up with. i know sometimes ppl want change, but natural is always best! <3
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I would try a light light golden brown. Due to your skin tone I think that would be best for you. Going lighter may wash you color out from the face. You could also do highlights too.
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Because of your fair skin i would go with a medium coppery chestnut rather than blond. i think this will bring out much more flattering tones in your coloring as well as make your eyes pop more.
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Yes, I think you could do a deep golden blonde. I have very fair skin and blue eyes and my natural color is brown. I prefer a darker blonde for myself, I feel like it brightens me up. Try using the "Makeover" tool and trying on different shades of blonde. I think something close to the photo I attached would look pretty on you!
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Any is fine.. Everyone is beautiful whatever you like or you want is fine (:
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Blonde would be okay with your eyes/skintone, but I would go sandy blonde or darker blonde. (See the pics. Click on them to make them bigger). You don't want to go too light, the summer sun will make it really light & then you will have obvious roots to deal with, on a regular basis.
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I think you would look pretty with blonde highlights but if you dont like highlights , just go ahead and dye your hair blonde if you dont like it you can always dye your hair brown
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Blonde would actually suite you very well! Warm tones!
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I think you should dye your hair a darker brown.
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