Should i get side bangs?

I have really thick hair and its frizzy. But when I do it on here it looks nice. But they are smooth, unlike my hair. Any advice what I should do in general?
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SIde bangs would look really good! Try John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair's a great product to fight the frizzies!
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Definitely! I think side bangs would look really gorgeous on you!
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you should get side bangs and possibly a wave/ body perm
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your hair looks nice as it is and if you get side bangs you might get annoyed and want to grow it out. I have side bangs and I've grown them out. id say keep your hair the way it is cause its nice! :) try an anti frizz shampoo.
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I would use a smoothing regimen for shampoo and conditioner as well as a light conditioner as well as an anti frizz serum. Silky Sext Hair makes a great line and has several product that will helper reduce the frizz in your hair as well as provide manageability.
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I think they'd look great on you. Try an anti-frizz serum.
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