Should i get ombre hair?

I have natural blonde curly hair and since I'm lucky enough to have blonde hair (thats what I think) I'm not sure if I want to mess that up. I like the ombre hair trend, but do you readers think I should?
I'm attaching a picture of me (I know it's bad) and I think I would just bleach the ends but maybe make the top a little darker blonde? The only reason I dont want to change the top is if I dont like it I want it to grow out and if I only die the tips then growing out wont look weird.
If you dont think I will like that, should I get highlights throughout?
(p.s. I'm 13, if that matters to you)
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Your hair is beautiful as it is right now! You can go for the style, but I think your hair color right now looks really great as it is! ;)
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I wouldn't jeopardize your natural goldilocks for a trial hairstyle. You can still achieve the Ombre technique with your current tone by lightening only the ends. Ombre is simply the graduation of color. It is not to only be used with certain colors. Instead, you can do any variation of levels. As long as the ends gradually get lighter towards the ends, you will still be fashionable while sporting around the trendiest color pattern. You can also darken you base in the cooler months but I think the blond is a great sun kissed effect perfect for summer.
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i love ur hair i would just keep it the same :)
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According to my hairstylist friend, the Ombre hair trend is on its way out. Your hair is so beautiful and you're incredibly lucky to have natural blonde hair, that other women have to spend hundreds of dollars for at the salon. Since you're only 13, I would advise you to discuss this with your parents. I actually colored my hair when I was your age, and it upset my parents very much. I wouldn't want that to happen to you.
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