Should i get layers?

I know my hair is pretty wavy and all the pictures i've seen of girls with layers have straight hair. I cant straighten my hair everyday but I really want layers
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Thanks for your advice. @BrianaEHernandesz do you happen to have any pictures of the hairstyle you sugested? And if not do you have a website that will have any pictures your discribing?
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Layers will look great! Even with wavy hair! They will add definition, just opt for longer layers.
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If you are looking for a change, layers would help. I wouldn't go too awfully short though, I's suggest longer layers starting around the lips all around the head other than the front. I would create a long bang even with nose length and connect to the ends. This will create shorter layers surrounding the face adding volume, style and body to your look.
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hi , even i have layers and straight hair, but layers with wavy hair wont do!
or if u want permanent straight hair , do smoothning that would cost around 200$
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This will change your life.
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same problem here! i asked my hairdresser about this and she said that if you have curly/wavy hair and you cut it it will get even curlier/wavier because it will weigh less. although sometimes wavy layers look good it will get curlier and so may stick out or change the way the rest of your hair looks because that particular peice of cut hair will change shape. hope this helps and i hope it looks nice on you if you decide to have it done xx
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