Should i get extensions? if so what length?:)

I have dark brown hair which is just under my shoulder and I am wandering if I should get extensions and if so what length? Thank you :) xoxo
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Get some Blonde, and dark brown 8 inch extensions then put the blonde on the side for a extra color then put some on the bottom. Then just put the dark brown on 3 quarters of your head so it can be messy and make it look likes there's 3 layers. Or do 3 quarters of your head. And do to patterns like. Brown, blonde, then Brown. :')
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l am not a big fan of extensions..l think you should let ur hair grow naturally and thats will look better and you are not spending opinion..
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If you are going to invest in extensions, I would go for long ones. You can always cut them later if you desire. I think long locks of the same color would look great and really leave onlookers with mo other option than to be drawn into your beautiful eyes even more! I would suggest wearing your bands more downward and off toward the side. Connect your current style to the new length with face framing layers from the bottom of the bangs all the way to the extensions ends. Go in and blend the interior of the cut with medium layers all around the rest of the style. You will be able to style this new look straight or with a large barrel iron for soft, flawy, romantic waves.
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If you want them, I would do clip in extensions and no longer than mid back.
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Having extensions means having lots of different hairstyles to choose from. You can curl them, make them wavy, leave them straight and really any style you want. Clip in extensions break off hair and could leave you with a few little bald patches though but they grow back! I would say 18 inch because its long enough to curl and still look long! xxx
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Yes u can get extensions but ur hair look very beautiful without them
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I think you should get them :) Lenght: about 40cm. I think this would be enough. But you have to decide, if you want clip on extensions, tape it extensions or extensions that you'll wear 6 months or so. And don't forget that you have to care for them, which takes a lot of time and is a little bit complicated. Decide on your own, but I think they would fit you :)
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