Should I dye my hair violet?

Should i dye my hair violet?

I have light blonde hair. I wanted 'different' highlights. I had a purple fringe a few years ago that I loved, but it faded red then pinkish. Do you think violet would be a better choice?
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I am in love with violet hair at the moment. It really depends on your skin tone and features though. If you are fair skinned like Kelly Osborne I think it would be very flattering as it is on her. Perhaps you can post a picture for more accurate advise? My only recommendation is to not lighten your hair any more than it already is naturally. If you can deposit the violet only without having to lift your current tone then go for it! I don't however, think it is worth damaging your entire head for a temporary look if added lightening is required.
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I would color the underside of your hair only. Then people only get a hint of it and it's more peek-a-boo. It's less likely to fade out like the other time, because it's not being exposed to the sun.
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Violet will still probably fade to a could opt for some darker brown highlights throughout.....can you forward us a picture?
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I think you should try with wheat blonde. It's summer time :) try with violet at winter :) have fun!*
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What is your currant color? I love highlights that are ore vibrant tones. Try to stay away from coloring the whole entire head that tone. Lots of luck!
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