Should i dye my hair this color???

The picture attached is of me with my natural hair color and of the color of my hair dye. I haven't dyed my hair before and i bought that dye just for a bit of a change. my mum reckons it is a boring color though, and thinks i should leave my hair how it is. however my sister thinks the opposite. HELP! Should I leave it (which i don't really want to do) or should i dye it. By the way the dye is 24 washes :) please reply ASAP because I was planning on dying it tonight as i have school tomorrow. thanks, just a yes or no answer will be fine. if you have clicked on this question please also take the time to answer it :) xx
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I think it would look nice. I would suggest leaving out some pieces of your natural for contrast and dimension.
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Your natural hair color is just superb love them but you can get brown highlights i guess thats the best option for you
-hope this helped :)
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highlights ....
Go for the darker color baby//////// you'll rock fo sure..........xoxo
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It's not that drastic of a change and I'm sure it would look really nice on you. Give it a try since it's not permanent and will wash out in 24 washes. Always fun to try something different!
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Of course, you should try to dye your hair if you want it so much, better to try than to regret that you did not dare. It will be a useful experience for you. If you have never dyed your hair before, it is really preferable to use washable hair dye, because the color is rather dark and it may be difficult to return to your natural hair color if you don`t like your new hairstyle.
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I personally love your current hair color, but I think you can totally pull off that color no problem at all. It really just boils down to preference and if you're feeling in the mood to switch up your look!
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If it's only 24 washes, I would give it a try. I would be more careful it were permanent.
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YES!!! i think this color would look great with your skin tone! remember be very careful when you are dying your hair because it can get a lil messy :/ put towels down on the floor and on the basin so you do not die the bathroom :P . I dye my hair very often and I say just go for it, they never last forever remember so if you don't like it you can always change it :)
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