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Should i dye my hair darker?

okay so this time i add some pictures and qestion is the same should i dye my hair black or just go darker brown? or maby i shouldnt do that at all? thank you :)
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I really like your current hair color right now. It's really up to you, but I think the shade of your hair right now looks fantastic!
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thank you all for advices :) ive heard lots of compliments for my hairs but im really bored of my hair i have no idea what i could do with them
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te luciria un color negro.. ya que tu piel es blanca.. y te quedaria bien despuntartelo un poco talvez si te lo grifilas quedarias mas elegante
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I wouldn't change your hair. My advice: don't go black. It would wash you out and black is pretty much impossible to get rid of.
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Your natural color is really pretty. I wouldn't do black.....I don't even think you need to go any darker. I can even see some carmel highlights!
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welll i thing its really nice the way it is but i would go for a darker brown
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i love your natural tone. its so pretty. If you wanted to go darker I would do it at the roots and half of the mid lengths faded into your pretty colored ends to give more of an Ombre effect rather than solid dark all over color.
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