Should i dye my hair dark red? or similar to that?

I've always wanted to get dark red hair and ill post a picture of the colour to see what you guys think! All opinions are welcome :)

its something like that, maybe alittle darker.
and if any of you know a specific hair dye that might have a similar colour please tell me!
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i think a dark red would look absolutely stunning on you! I haven't personally used it and would not recommend doing your color alone however, I've heard that the green box of Garnier hair colors are pretty vibrant.
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u have got gud long hair...... get a gud cut including layers and den u can dye ur hair dark red within d layers.n ul luk jus awesome,,,,,,,
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i think u should to don't dye your hair ....u should take a colour wich will wash...that's the best choise...i tell u that because i dye my hair i don't know why i was so stupid:D:D:D and now i ask me now why i don't take a tonik is in russian...i don't know how it's says in english:D believe is the best choise...u will be happy:D
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