Should i dye my hair brown or a different colour??

i have bleached my hair quite a bit so its not in the best of health and was wondering if going back brown would look nicer :)
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The blonde looks darling on you! You could opt for a more honey blonde too!
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with those gorgeos blue eyes anything will go even black or light orange
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I love your blonde hair! But if you're going for a darker shade, perhaps a honey brown with golden highlights would look very good on you!
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If it's a darker brown then yes. However, you look beautiful as a blonde!
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I think darkening it a bit will definitely help with the integrity as well as really bring some warmth to your entire look. I would go in with a full head foil of a medium neutral warm brown. This will add lots of dimension and depth. Continue to repeat this process until amount of darkness is achieved. You probably wont even need to touch up your blonde after a few lowlight visits.
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if your hair is unhealthy now then dont dye your can lead to severe damage...treat your hair to a good oil like olive oil or almond oil and after you find that your hair has its shine back you can dye your hair and try using more organic hair products than chemical ones to help your hair heal better...and dye your hair a lighter brown it'll suit your complexion:)
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I bleached my hair too and then it was very hard to reach a brown that didn't look greenish. I don't know why you want to go back to brown because it looks very nice this way. :)
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