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Should i dye my hair blonde?

Need a change and thinking of changing my hair colour.. would blonde suit me? x
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The color in the picture seems to be quite suiting. I see more of a carmel brown though. I think going solid blond may be too harsh and overwhelming. You can always add highlights to this base color to lighten it even more and have blond intertwined throughout your new color.
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I like the blonde, but what about red?! That would look hot!!
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i think u should try just highlights than later if u still wanna be blond u ll do it
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a golden blonde would be nice. But I always like to start off with highlights at first to see if it would be something I would want to commit to for a long while.
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why don't you do a vote?.. n I think you'll look great with blonde hair:)
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I'm sorry, I didn't notice the two photos you submitted below. Your skin tone/eyecolor are suited to go with a blonde hair color. I would recommend going to a salon as opposed to doing it yourself at home.
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Your hair looks like it's already a shade of blonde. I would suggest you go to your hairdresser, and ask for some lighter blonde highlites in the crown of your hair. Remember we're going into summer and your hair is going to lighten up from the sun anyway.
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