Should I dye my hair blonde?

Should i dye my hair blonde?

Hello I'm a 15 year old girl with brown hair and blonge tiptops.
I want a brand new look and I thought that it maybe could be nice to dye my hair dark blonde. I'm really pale but the problem is that my eyebrows are very dark. Do you think that it could look good with blonge hair and dark eyebrows or not?
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I wouldn't go too pale as for the blond. Staying with a dark blond will be fine as well as blend in with your darker brows. I would go for a beige toned dark blond to prevent your end result from being too bright or warm. If you are nervous, leave a few strands of your current color out here and there throughout the head. Once color is done, it will all blend in creating a nice soft and dimensional effect.
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Yes it would look fine . Many blondes have dark eyebrows and blond hair. I think blonde hair would look great on you beause of your skin and eye colour. You are a beautiful girl to begin with. Good luck!
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