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Should i dye my hair blonde before dip-dying it

I have naturally medium-brown hair. Right now it is dyed a bit darker. I want to dip dye it blue or teal, but was wondering if I should dye my hair blonde first? Could I even pull that off? And if so, what kind of blonde? I've ombre-d my hair before, and it looked good. But it was a bit brassy (looked cool as a dip, but not for all over). Any advice? Would brown to blue dip dye work, or should I go blonde first?
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Yup, you have to go light beforehand. I've done it before...just be sure to condition your hair well, as the bleaching process will damage the hair.
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you have to bleach first and then paint WITH INK. So that the color set
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Because vibrant colors are not permanent it is necessary to lighten prior to applying the vibrant tone. Lift the ends up with lightener first until you reach a pale blonde tone. This will insure the true tone of the blue showing up. If you are only able to lift to a orange or yellow, it will jepordize your target results. I would use extreme caution if you have already dip dyed in the past as there is probably still existing bleach on your ends and I would hate you you to over process.
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Only go blonde first if your hair is in good condition, go salon blonde though so its not as damaged.
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i think blonde and blue would suit you xx NOT platinum blonde tho x
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