Should I dye my hair black?

Should i dye my hair black?

My hair is very long and has always hd blonde natural highlight from the sun every summer. But lattely it has been turning redish. I've neever died my hair and i like saying i have natural hair but i do want to die it black. hellpppp
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thank you eveeryone for all the advice! i decided to get temporary bllack and die some streaks to appear as lowlights to see how it will loook on me! wish me luck! :)
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I would dye it semi-permanent with dark brown first because black is nearly impossible to remove.
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I think your current color is beautiful on you. Not only would black be really harsh and make you appear pale, but will also be a pain to remove later down the line. If you are dead set on the black go for a temporary option but even then it will be difficult to get back to your current color. Id suggest trying black hair on first using the makeover tool to see if you even like the way it looks against your face and features. I personally do not think its a good idea!
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I really like your hair that light color. I think black might be too harsh of a look.
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l have perfect hair and l think you should not dye are a teen and is to early to do that..thats my opinion ..
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I would suggest a really dark brown-less harsh-better look for Summer.
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yes it would be a good look on you.
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