Should i dye my hair ?

I absolutely love the hair color of ariana grande and would like to dye my hair that red/magenta color too.
Or maybe some kind of a brown or a brighter blonde ?
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Because of your warm skin tone I would go for a more red brown tone. Going too red will really bring out the warmth in your skin more and clash with the hair color too much. Not only that but red is a very hard color to remove so once you do it, you will have to maintain it quite often to hide the regrowth. If you ever want to change it, it will probably be a looong process leaving you with even warmer results in the mean time.
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I'm not sure if Red would wash you're skin tone out too much? you don't want to look to pale. I think some highlights or a caramel colour? or you could always dip dye the ends a brown or blonde?
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I think a brighter blonde would look great. Try using the "Makeover" tool and try on some shades of blonde, brown and red to see what you like. The blonde in the photo attached would look nice on you.
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Find a wig store in your area & try on wigs in these colors.
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