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I've had long hair for a very long time now and a few things have happend in my life that wanted me to make a drastic change. Will this color suit me? (if you can't tell, it's auburn) I'm a natural shade of biege and i'll be getting tanner over the summer. And will this fit my face? I'm in between round and oval. My natural hair color is dark brown and I have dark brown eyes.
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I think the style is very nice and exotic. Although I think this color is good for now, I would suggest going more brown (while maintaining the warmth) once you build your tan up a bit more. Otherwise, you can pull too many unwanted warm tones in your skin.
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Thanks for all of your advice! I appreciate it. I've decided to with a deeper auburn color and a bob. Soon i'll get it cut shorter to the length that I want.
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I say do it. If your not sure, then try little by little!
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do what u feel best in:D
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I am not sure about this color for your skintone/eyes. Maybe a deeper red. I am not sure you want to go quite this short. Try a bob first and see how you feel. After having long hair for so long, this might be too shocking. Here are some ideas for cuts/color. Click over the pics to make them bigger:
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I think a short asymetrical cut would suit you well, but not to short - "nose-length". But the colour is bad - go darker (like aubergine)
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