Should i die my hair bleach blonde?

This is a pic of me when i was younger but its pretty much the same. BTW i have noooo makeup on lol
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maybe an ash blond or mahogany will suits to your skintone and give more definition to your face as well..remember - change in hair will change your look
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if your going to bleach your hair from the brown colour, you should do it in stages. Going from brown and bleaching it straight away will turn it ginger! Sometimes bleaching turns the hair ginger so you will have to be careful. It also wrecks your hair if you bleach it a high percentage. I bleach mine 4% and its fine
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I wouldn't recommend going a full head of bleach blond hair because not only will it really compromise the integrity and health of your hair, but it will be very bright and overwhelming as well. Instead, try a partial highlight first, if more lightness is desired go for a full head when you are ready for a touch up. Continue to do this until the desired level of lightness is achieved. This will not only give off a lighter more blond effect but keep contrast and dimension as well.
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