Should i cut my hair?

I just started modeling, and I have had a few assignments. On tv shows like America's next top model etc. they cut the hair of the girls in a way that their faces stand out more. So I wonder if I should cut my hair, or dye it.
I have wavy hair because it's long and heavy, if i cut it short, it would curl more.
I hope you can help me! (:
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your hair is beautiful!
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to take off the access weight cut ur hair in long layers and dye your hair 2 or 3 shades lighter
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I would remove some of the excess weight by adding some long layers. They don't have to be too short. You can start them around the collar bone so they don't shrink up too much. Going in with a caramel (no more than 2levels lighter than your natural) Ombre technique would really flatter your new layers.
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I think you should take some length off....maybe 5 inches and add some layers to thin it out. You look petite and the length is a bit overwhelming. I would keep the color the same, it's very pretty......and so are you! Good luck with modeling, I'm sure you will be fabulous!
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At the moment it seems all one length and a bit lifeless. I would suggest seeing a professional stylist to have some shape cut into it - not necessarily a lot of length cut off, but just add some body to it. And maybe some highlights/lowlights.
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Possibly just get a few inches off and get layers in the front.
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I would suggest taking a little off the length, because it seems to be overwhelming your size. I would also have it thinned out, and have your hairdresser put in some face framing layers.
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Die your hair golden brown, get it trimmed two inches with side bangs and ask advise from the hair dresses about which style will suite you.
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Your hair are good but a bit too wavy...and don't worry to get em trimmed they won't curl up .......try a cut including side bangs and extensions.....color two small bunch of hair from the back of your neck and you are gonna rock it......
Trust me it'l work
Good Luck
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