Should i cut my hair very short?

I will spend all my holidays sailing in Cartagena, Colombia. It means all day in swiming pool and in the sea. I am tired of long hair and its mantainance but it look pretty good. With my face type, hobbies, and color of my skin. youd I cut my hair? And if yes, how?
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You have the perfect face shape for short hair, so I think it would look really good if you go short!
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You have got a perfectly oval face shape which is flattering for just about any hair style. I would go for it. WHy not try something different that will be less maintenance while you are traveling anyway. I would go for something that has a little bit of length to still put up or super short that it wont bother you. I say this because of all the activities you will be doing, you definitely don't want your hair getting in the way. You have got such great facial features, I think going shorter would really draw them out! Safe travels my friend!
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First off, your holiday sounds fantastic! Second, I absolutely love your hair, so it's hard for me to say to cut it. Face framing layers and a couple of inches shorter would be good without too much of a change. But if you're worried about just keeping it off your face, pull it back in braids, high buns. I'm sorry, but I love your hair too much to say to cut it.
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I think taking some length off would be a good idea for you.....it would be easier and suit your lifestyle. Something shoulder length or a bit shorter would be cute on you and still give you the option of a short ponytail. You can try the "Makeover" tool and try on some shorter hairstyles to see what you like!
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one oder thing, my hair its a litle wavy
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I would suggest a simple bob-still feminine, but easy to care for.
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