Should i cut my hair short?

I love the look of ashley benson and her hair but my hair is really long i had never cut it short before.
So should i or not ?
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Go for it. Her short style is actually more of a medium length and isn't too short. I think it wouls be really flattering on you as well as give you an opportunity to try something different. i would keep it around the shoulder area to reduce shock factor plus I think any shorter may not be as flattering. Long hair needs to be refreshed every now and then plus it always grows back so I say... Go For It!!!
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You should cut your hair at an angle to shoulder length and get layers for extra volume
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I had long hair and Cut it short (chin level) and I'm glad I did because I'd been debating it for 2 years! I've since grown it and it only took 2 1/2 years to get back to my length (below shoulders). Know I've done it I know what it's like and I liked it but Felt I could do more with longer hair. And you could always get extentions if you really missed it, but I'm sure it would look lovely on you!
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I think you would look darling in a cut like Ashley's below. Try some side swept bangs....they would look great on you!
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i agree with checking out the makeover section too! but if you really wanted a change you could get your hair a little shorter to start off with and maybe add some shorter layers? that way if you like it shorter you can experiment with shorter hairstyles without going for a really short look and being like OMG this will take FOREVER to grow out haha!
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Have you tried out the makeover section on this site, to see how shorter hair would look on you?
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