Should I cut my hair short???

Should i cut my hair short???

Cause my face is round
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It would look cute short as long as it's an inch or two below your chin.
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Yes, but I'd keep it layered a bit and if it's very thick, I wouldn't go too short, because it might end up looking a bit puffy.
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id say keep your hair longer, it is very pretty and you will most likely regret it later if you cut it short i didnt even cut mine that short but i still miss my longer plus the guys love longer hair they are not really into the shorter hair :)
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If you're not sure, start by going a little shorter at a time. Make an appointment with a professional hairdresser & discuss this with her. She will be able to tell you what cuts will go with your features. She would know exactly how your hair has to be cut: layers, A-line, etc. If in the end, you don't like your hair short- it will grow back.
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