short hair

Should i cut my hair like this?

i want to cut my hair but im not sure if i should get i cut too short.
i fancy a change please help me.
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This style seems to be a little more mature and looks a bit aging. I would go for more of a medium length cut to help elongate the face and give off a more youthful look. Choppy layers are a very nice ay to soften round face shapes. i like the idea of the bangs but i wouldn't go too solid. Instead try a razor or texturized cut to soften your features. Also, I know this isn't a makeup question but, I would go in with a darker foundation so that your neck and face match in color. Contouring your cheekbones with a bronzer or blush will also really help to polish your look off.
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I would go for somethin close to chin length because yur face is a little to big for that haircut sorry but it is and don't do straight do a more curly haircut look at my profile there are some pics of my hair i say u should go for that kind of hair
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I think you should have a length just under you're chin otherwise it may make you're face look wider than it is xx
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witherspoon reese 2008 nov cma1
I think this style makes you look too needs a bit more style for your age. I would recommend chin length or longer.
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sorry for sayin but it doesn't suit you u should try sometimes doing curly hair :) or long straight with bangs
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I think the Lauren Conrad haircut from @GoodFaith would be perfect!
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thanks 4 bein honest
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Here are some other ideas that would look great on you:
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No, i dont think that haircut suits you best.
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Go for it. It makes your face look really pretty.
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