Should i cut my hair? help please!

I would like to cut my hair BELOW THE CHIN but ABOVE THE SHOULDERS. I am thinking of getting it cut shorter and shorter slowly until I find the perfect length.

APOLOGIES for the photo I ACTUALLY HAVE BANGS, I pinned them up in this photograph. They reach my nose and I usually swing them over to the right side of my face. They don't ever fall in my eyes much so imagine me with a side-swept fringe kinda but it's flat against my head!

Would a hairstyle like I described look good on me?
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Cameron Diaz look for now, Emma Watson later!
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cameron-diaz soft bob
I think a soft style would look great especially with the longer side bangs. I would also add longer layers to enhance the softness and movement of the style. I also think working your way up to shorter is the best idea so you can have fun and try different lengths in the process. Eventually perhaps consider a cute pixie! You have the perfect face for it!
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OMG a bob would look soooo cute on you!!!!! just below the chin and trim your bangs so their like an accessory!
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I love bobs! And that sounds like a great cut for you. Wispy bangs would be great with it as well.
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Yes, I think it would look great! I like the length in the photo attached, you could go a bit shorter but I would keep it long enough to pull back.
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I think you would look absolutely gorgeous with a collar length bob. I would suggest flat ironing it so that it looks really sleek. You could even get some face framing highlites.
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