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Should i chop all my hair off? pixie status!?

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Although your current length looks great on you, a pixie would also be very flattering. You have the perfect face shape for a pixie haircut. If you are ready for a change, I say go for it. Hair always grows back and if you never do it you will never know if you like it or not. If you do decide to cut it off, I would suggest choosing a pixie with lots of texture and a choppy side swept bang as this will add softness to the looks and fealty compliment you features well.
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How short have you had it before? Are you ready for such a dramatic change? If you're really feeling it, I say go for it because after grows back! :)
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You have such beautiful long hair. I think you should leave that beautiful hair as it is.
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I'd say go for something shorter..but not really pixie short.. and once you have gone halfway you can decide whether to go all the way or not! It's a much safer option and you will get the gist of what it's like before you do it (if you do). Plus, it will take ages to grow out if you decide you don't like a pixie! x
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its very pretty .!!!! if you want to , go for it! its hot, and mine is about the same length, but i decided to keep it long because i worry about how long its gonna take to grow it out as long as it was. if you dont have this problem then chop it off! emma watsons pixie cut was super cutee!!!
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I think you should just make it a bit shorter and stylish with some bangs.Maybe a long bob with bangs,or something like that.Look on pics below :)
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Hmmm....I'm sure you would look darling...however, from your profile pic, I like your longer hair. What about a short choppy cut like the pic below? You can always take the length up a bit to start and see how you like it.
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I think you'd look cuter with a short chin length bob!
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I personally like it long, but if you wanted a different cut try a long pixie :)
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