Should i change the color of your hair?

My hair is naturally brown, but for many years I do them lighter. And now I want to go back to natural hair color. Do you think I need to do this? I will be fine in a dark color?
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yes, i think that u should try something dark like auburn!!
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Thank you all very much! I think I should change a little, I will benefit from it)
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I wouldn't. It looks GREAT on you! Plus, I'm jealous because I've always wanted to go full blonde, but can't bc I'm way too tan for it.
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I think a medium brown would look great on you. The blonde is nice but the brown will complement your coloring and give you a more vibrant look. Try using the "Makeover" tool and try on some different shades of brown to see what you like the best.
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I think darker would suit you well. I would go for a medium chestnut brown to keep some warmth and help with the shock factor. You can also do a full head of lowlights for the first time so that you have an easier time getting used to it. Since you have been going lighter for so long it might take a while to get used to having darker again. I would suggest the low lighting first then you can decide weather you want to keep an array of both color or go solid. I think this is best because if you go solid then miss your blond you will have to overlap bleach which will cause dryness as well as damage. I think a multi dimensional effect would be more flattering than an all over darker brown however, because of your skin coloring and features.
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