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Short hair styles?

I have short black hair that sits on my shoulders. What are some ways I could style my hair so that I could have different options? I usually go to school wih my hair always down, and it's starting to get boring.
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You could braid each side to meet in the back and put it up half up and half down. Also, you could do a pompadour in front.
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I love your length and bangs! You could try waving it with a large barrel iron to change it up a bit or a fun side bun would be cute too because it will be extra messy with your short length. Until it can grow out a little bit giving you more options using fun accessories will also help to change your look up from time to time.
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Try a fun headband or pull your bangs back with a sparkly clip. You could also do a little braid with your bangs across your forehead and pin to the side. Curling the sides with a skinny barrel iron would also be cute!
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