short hair or long

Short hair or long

should i go short or stay long , right now my hair is about at my elbows
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Its really hard to give accurate advice without a picture. You may want to play on the makeover tool and post your favorites for us to vote or attach a picture for us to be able to decide better. Sorry couldn't be mere helpful!
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Trim the ends of your hair, and then get a completely hair cut in layers, it dependes on how you wanted it to be.
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I have no idea what you look like so I can't give any advice.

We have to see what you look like before we can give any advice.

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That is really up to you, but if you go medium length- then you will have the most versatility. The reality of really long hair, is that it's about five years old-so very fragile and prone to damage.
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Whoa! Elbows that's long hair! It depends on your face shape, but I say go shorter with layers or color it if you are wanting a change :) Live a little.
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