self cutting hair

Self cutting hair

Hey girls, do have any types or do you know any web sites which could help me to cut my hair on my own?
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Youtube will have lots of ways to help u cut ur hair but if u are really worried about cutting ur own hair then play it safe and go to the hairdressers.
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thanks a lot :)
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I'm sorry. I accidentally clicked "Submit" twice. Sorry about that!
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Like tiddliewinks26, I only cut my own bangs. I'm sure Youtube has a lot of good tutorials for you. I would also suggest talking to someone who has more experience cutting hair. They could probably give you a lot of advice. Also, I would suggest trying something simple before cutting a lot of your hair off. Good luck!
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Remember- it's not only technique, it's having the right tools. If the scissor you're using is too dull, you won't get a precise cut.
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I would only recommend a self bang trim in between styles anything more can become very tricky. As for bangs, twist the entire bang section while wet twice. Comb all the hair to the center and turn 180 degrees then turn it again allowing the section to make a complete 360degree turn then cut desired amount from the ends in a straight line. When you unravel the section of hair you will have the perfect shapes bangs. If a more shorter length is desired repeat the previous steps.
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