Red violet and blonde highlights?

My hair color is dark moca brown. And I have a blonde peakaboo underneather. I was thinking of adding a red violet and blonde highlights on top. Just dont know if I should or not.....


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Yes do it.

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You can do it additional to the pre existing blond but not over it as it will fade out very quickly. Add the third color on new hair and make sure to go opposite the other accent tone (blond). For example if the blond is sliced thick, go for more of a pin stripe red and vice versa. This comment has been removed.
Since you already have the blonde underneath, maybe just get a few red lowlights through the brown. Unless you aren't looking for subtle?!?! :D This comment has been removed.
I think it sounds fun the way it is.....the blonde highlights would be ok but I think the red violet might be too much with what you already have. This comment has been removed.
Hmmm I'd prefer both colors to peekaboo from the bottom This comment has been removed.
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