Pink hair?

Pink hair?

I'd like to paint my brown hair but just a little bit(I'd like it pink) , I don't know what type of pink could be.
thaankss :)
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First of all to get a nice pink shade you will have to bleach the portion you are coloring to a pale blonde. The lighter the blonde the prettier the pink. If you do pull your hair up light enough then the pink tone will be muted and have an orange tone.I think the manic panic colors are very pretty.
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You will need to prelighten the desired pieces first to about a light blond. Once you have shampooed the lightener out and before conditioning, tone those same pieces with your desired pink shade. Sally's carries a really nice magenta color by beyond the zone that comes already in an application bottle and is really to be used without needing to be mixed with anything else. After letting the pink tone for about 20mins rinse and condition to seal in the color. Repeat the toning process as needed to replenish tone once fading occurs.
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Click on Streakers. They have pink for $11.95

You can paint it on wherever you want it, and it shampoos out.
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