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Next hair colour

oh how i adore hair colours
yet i need to chose one to stick with for awile
what would suit me
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I love the softness of your default picture with the cotton candy blue and pink. You might want to try a soft lavender to change it up a bit. If you are someone who changes your color frequently, I would stick to a soft shade that way it isn't too damaging on your hair when it comes time to switch it up. Stay away from dark bases unless you are committed to keeping them. Because of how light your hair is currently, it would really compromise your hair's integrity lightening or stripping color out in the future.
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I think ur hair colour look great like the picture that i upload ...i think suits for ur hair
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Pastels would look amazing especially with your hair!
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dip dye pink 1
I dunno, practically anything would suit you!!
I'd so something crazy if I had your skin and hair. Like pink and blue highlights, or turquoise full dye. Red is pretty trendy at the moment-I think that looks pretty cool. =)
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Stay blonde! Try a shade closer to this....I think it would look fabulous on you!
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