Need suggestions on hair color and style. thank you.

I am 47 years old female needing suggestions on color and hairstyles. Help!
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I think you would look really nice with light brown hair and a few lighter blonde highlites in front, with lots of face framing layers. Have your hairdresser seal in the color with a clear glaze; for shine & dimension. You really don't need much makeup-just make sure to protect your skin from the brutal summer rays-tinted moisturizer & maybe a lipgloss.
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Good and Ruby... thanks so much for your compliment and response. The length of my hair is past my shoulders down to my bra snap as an example. My hair looks fairly healthy but needs a trim and style. Just don't want to look like I'm 47 trying to look 18years old and sure do not want to look any older. I downloaded the most current image of myself. Thanks again for all your help. P.S. Never thought I would like dark hair but actually it may work. It's alot closer to my normal color. Not sure yet.
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I think a mid length style with longer flowy layers would be very flattering on you! As for the color, I would stick to deep chocolates and caramels close to your current hues but with a little more depth in tone to really emphasize the richness.
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You have such a beautiful complexion, you can get by with hardly any makeup:) To give the Taaz community a better idea of how to advise you, what is the current length/texture of your hair?
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oh my... that is such a bad pic of me! sorry! lol!
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