Need a new hair coluor, so bored with the one i have, please help

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thank you to all of you for the advice, and i have and other question...what hair cut style would be make me look pretty? :) my hair is very fine and i would love to have some volume.
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I ve got a link so here you can get some advice
Good luck :)
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Honestly, I think that your hair colour really suits you but it's kinda flat. You should add some golden tones and highlights, a few layers, and some curls would look good. Also you could dye it a bit darker brown.
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Because of your fair skin tone, i think a nice caramel brown would look great as well as provide you with a nice change. Going a little lighter will really be a more youthful look while it softens your features. You can even add a few lighter strand later down the line but Id wait a little bit to reduce shock factor.
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I would totally get some highlights for you!! I think go with natural; try brown or blonde something like this:
or maybe this:

If you want something a little more eye catching, get some darkish magenta highlights!! They look amazing :)
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I would suggest light brown with some highlites; would look nice for the Summer:
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