my hair is super long shoud i get it cut into a bob?

My hair is super long shoud i get it cut into a bob?

my hair is long and brown but i fancy a change. i want my cutting like mary alice brandon (alice from twilight) what shall i do get it done like mary or just get a trim?
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It really depends on what you want. If you are really ready for a change I'd say go for it. Hair always grows out so you can always just grow it out after getting your initial bob cut. If you are wondering if this new style would compliment you, I would resubmit your question with a photo attached. This way we can really see your features and give you a more accurate opinion.
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I'm always for change. However, it's a BIG CHANGE! Try it on in the Taaz Makeover section first. Another option is to try a FAUX BOB or wig. To create a faux bob (see pic), put your hair in a low ponytail, tuck in your ends and pull out your hair until you get the desired "bob" effect. Also, Jessica Simpson's Hairdo line has a "bob" synthetic wig (see pic). You can purchase it for $49 at this site Might be fun to have for different occasions!

Pic from
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faux bob
jess simpson bob wig
That is a cute cut that Mary has in the movie. Can you forward us a picture of your current style? I'm sure it would look great but it would be nice to see your current style and face shape. I attached a photo of a fun cut that you could consider also.
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I like Mary's sleek hairstyle. Here are some other ideas to consider:
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