my hair is so long what do i do with it

My hair is so long what do i do with it

my hair comes aleast up to my bum, and i wnt to do something witg it for prom???? need help
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There are several possibilities for long prom appropriate styles. You can do anything from fun half up styles, big buns, different detailed braids, loose curls, etc. First determine if you want all your hair up, down, half up, any hair left out or bangs, head dress, loose, tight, high, low. Once you have decided on the details, only thing left is to get creative. Consult with your stylist and share all your ideas for you both of you to come up with something fantastic and perfectly suiting for your features as well as your dress.
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cut it to below your breast line then make it wavy
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thx for all your advice it helps
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I personally love A Little Cup of Jo

she has all these hair tutorials and photos, all you have to do is scroll!! I'd also try bubzbeauty, her YouTube channel is pretty cool and she does all these hair and makeup things!! :)

Hope I've helped!! :D
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The beauty of long hair is that there's LOTS you can do with it. Try a loose updo and then add something fun like a flower or a sparkly headband. Perfect for prom. :)
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Try a loose, messy bun or the half-up/half-down style with some soft curls.
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I like when long hair is half way up and down. It give a great look when you add curl to it too.
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Everything old is New Again-The CRIMPED look is back & hotter than ever. If you have really long hair, it will look very pretty on you. Pair this look with a sparkly barette.
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You can short it to 3-5 inches (you can do deep dye or just dye highlights) below the shoulders or maybe curl it up* so it will become shorter.You can tie it up in bun** or ponytail*** too.
*first picture below (you don't must to the the bangs)
**second picture below
***third picture below
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i just wanted to add these two websites: and
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9466 Black Mountain Rd, Suite 250, San Diego, CA 92126