Light vs dark haircolor when going grey.

I am naturally dark haired but have quite a bit of grey now and find I am doing my roots every three or four weeks. I have medium skin and dark brown eyes. I have gone light before with my hair and felt it made me look washed out. Is there anything you can suggest?
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I would go in and add some highlights as I agree a lighter color on the entire head may was you out. This is a great way to blend the lighter regrowth with your medium base color. I would suggest a golden beige color for the new accent pieces.
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Try a Henna Cream. You can find it on Amazon for $10. It's coloring made from plants and doesn't damage the hair-and it really covers grey. I would suggest a dark blonde/light brown.
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I believe that as we grow up we should go more and more natural.You have such a beautiful skin and glowing eyes that light color would be a shame.Darker is better.And don't forget that one think that gonna make you look even younger is good shaped eyebrows which you should pencil always to frame your face.
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A deep golden blonde would look pretty on you, even a bit darker than the pic attached. I think it's easier to conceal the grey with lighter hair.
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