Last week, i highlighted my hair. how long should i wait before dying it?

So I highlighted my hair, and it's about the same color as it appears in the picture. (sorry, my iPod didn't have battery to take a photo.) My mom says I'll have to wait a few weeks before highlighting or doing anything to it, or my hair may fall out. D:
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Are you looking to darken, tone, cover? normally if you wanted a change with your base its applied at the same time as the highlights in between foils. If you apply anything to fresh highlights they will take a new tone and compromise your current results.
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I'd def try waiting about 4-5 weeks later before touching it again...
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I agree....wait at least a month before coloring again. P.S I really like the color in the photo!
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You wait about a month and a half, but be patient. If you get angry about it then you'll pull your hair out. A faster alternative than letting it fall out.
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