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I recently decided to dye my hair white! I'm naturally a light brunette but I've had my hair blonde for a while now.. and I want to know how to maintain white? Is there any cheap home remedies I could do? I'm not exactly rolling in the money!!
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Unfortunately white can definitely be a high maintenance color especially when you are naturally dark. Unfortunately I would not recommend doing this at home since you can not overlap onto already lightened ends and have to tone with the exact same color without getting it on the ends either. I would recommend talking with your stylist and letting them know how much you enjoy the color and how often and expensive the maintenance is. Im sure they will work out a lower pice as ling as you are back every so often and do not exceed the time frame. This ensured business for them and no roots for you. everybody wins! I absolutely love this picture. The white looks wonderful on you. Rock it girl!
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How fun, you look great! I agree with @GoodFaith about a cosmetology school, they have great prices.
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Use Fruit-Fresh that has been bottling, to remove hard water stains and the green from chlorine. Add a little water, work it through your hair, leave it one for 15 minutes. Shampoo and condition always.
Rinse your hair with white vinegar. Leave it in for about 15 minutes and rinse with clear water and condition.
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You could try a cosmetology school in your area. Their prices on haircoloring is about a third of what the salons charge.
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