Is my hair too short for a weave?

I shaved my head 2 months ago because I wanted the black out and I didn't want to bleach my hair to death so I decided to cut it. It's been about 2 months and now I want to know if it's long enough to get a weave. The picture is as recent as 2 weeks ago.
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Yes it's long enough for tape-ins but not clip-ins or weave! Use a cap. Then use glue-ins. Invisible part.
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This will make your hair grow faster:
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Your hair has to be long enough to hide the clips of the extensions. My friend shaved her hair as well and bought extensions. But she couldn't wear them until her hair was a little bit longer than the length you have it at now.
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Its not long enough yet. You want to be able to camouflage your natural hair if extensions are desired. Individual bonds would need a lot more length to provide coverage. The fastest type of extensions you can get would be sew ins. They can braid up all your hair and sew in wefts of hair into your natural using it as a seem. You do still need a little more length to achieve even these however. In a couple more inches you should be able to pull it off. The key is, it has to be long enough to braid and be able to hold a braid in so that the weft doesn't fall of slip out. You may want to consider a wig until your hair grows out a bit more if instant length is desired.
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