Is it still lesbian (not to be rude) looking hair if the Mohawk is not all your hair?

Is it still lesbian (not to be rude) looking hair if the mohawk is not all your hair?

I want my hair cut so that it is still Long (a little past shoulders) on the bottom but a short Mohawk on top. I saw it on this other girl and it looks awesome... But my sister thinks otherwise.
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being lesbian has nothing to do with how you wear your hair or how you dress! if you like a haircut, try it out. hair grows back and can be cut again. don't worry so much about other people. it's your hair, not theirs. a short cut can be boyish or girlish, it all depends on what else you're wearing like makeup, clothing, jewlery, and stuff.
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you should see the way you feel with them not what your sister says
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Absolutely! Luckily hair has no gender. Ive seen some great styles on both men and women that would look great on the opposite so it all really depends how daring you are and how worried you are of others and their opinions. The key accessory to a bold cut id the attitude and confidence behind it! I wish you had a picture of this style. It sounds really fun and cute!
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go on line look up emu and funky hair pics i think these r what ya looking for something edgy and fun! iwith your skin and eyes id say light strawberry to med cool toned reds would be very pretty play up yor fair soft skin peachy cheeks let your hair be edgy not lesbian at all... just cool as hell!
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um hey its alana blanhard and back to your question um no maybe you should give it a try Bye Bye xoxo
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