Is It Bad to Sleep With Wet Hair?

Is it bad to sleep with wet hair?

I do it all the time during summer, and I've heard it's not good for the hair.
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im not sure but ive been sleeping on wet hair for a year now and nothing has seemed to changed i havent gotten any fungi infections like some websites say and i never wake up feeling sick or anything but it could have a different effect on different people, im not sure if it breaks the ends of your hair apparenty it does though if you toss and turn a lot and it always looks awesome in the morning no frizz or anything just a nice wave
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My dear, sleeping with wet/damp hair is still a good ground for bacteria and fungus to grow in your scalp and hair creating a moldy smog smelling hair and scalp that isn't sexy so why take a risk for just a little minutes to dry your hair well using air dry or using blow dryer.
note: smelly stinky hair and scalp is not healthy and sexy at all why take a risk beside going to a dermatologist and buying anti-fungal medication is more hassle than setting aside a good amount of time to dry and style your hair properly. Hope this one did help you guys.Thank you and have a great day!
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No sometimes it even comes out looking like I styled it!
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thanks a lot for your answers girls!!! you're the best! <3
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When sleeping with wet hair, you can create frizz, fly aways or even breakage. This is caused because you are putting pressure on your tresses while sleeping on top of moving around. I would make sure to have a leave in conditioner and serum in the hair if it is necessary to sleep with it wet. It would be a good idea to let it dry a bit before bed time. I wouldn't recommend sleeping with fresh out of the shower wet hair. Damp, almost dry would be much better for its integrity.
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Buy a thin micro towel and really squeeze the moisture out of your hair, so that it's not extremely wet. Micro towels absorb 10x as much water as regular towels. If you're going to sleep with very wet hair, you risk breakage. The hair is fragile when it's wet, and you're tossing and turning all night.
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its true if u sleep with wet hair u get damages into brain and into head and u get headaches and etcccc
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I put my hair into a ballerina bun. Where you twist you hair up into a bun. In the morning, I get very curly, kinky, hair.
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When my hair is damp, I put it into a high bun before going to bed. When I wake up, I have soft waves. I wouldn't recommend going to bed with it entirely wet, but damp hair is fine.
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