Red hair??

I'm wanting to do a scene hairstyle...

I'm afraid to just go get it cut like that though. Could you find any scene hairstyles that would look good on me? If you don't think the colors in that pic would be good on me, could you suggest what color to get instead?
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Thanks :) I definitely want to keep my hair long though
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Scene hair would suit you well. Have you ever thought of putting a softer spin on it though? This will really help to achieve the funky look you are going for while keeping some softness. Although the scene craze is definitely at a peak, it can really damage your hair. I would go for a fun and stylish 'do that you can tease up once in a while for a more dramatic effect or style more natural for a less severe option. This way your possibilities are endless and you can change it up to keep your look fun and interesting.
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l would prefer these..^_^
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I think bangs would be highly flattering on you. I was thinking something like this. Because of the lighting in your room, I can't really tell what your skintone is, but you could probably pull off the same color as the picture if you wanted.
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