I'm not sure what color i should dip dye my hair.

my hair is like a dark brown
one of my friends wants it to be blonde and the other wants to evolve it into a brownish-red color... (in french it's "roux")
which one?
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definitely a reddish brown :)
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I agree with the "roux" color bc blonde is way overdone. Summer is coming up and you should pick warmer colors.
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I would suggest going to your hairstylist and asking her for a brown/red gloss. Then you can try it on and if you don't like it, it will rinse out after about a month.
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I think the roux version will flatter your darker base better than the blond. Going too light may appear to contrasting with your base as well as cause dryness. You could even try a light copper brown as well. It will give off the same effect as the roux but will appear a bit lighter giving you a happy medium between both options.
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For you i think the light rownish red would be good for you
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why don't you put it on a makeover and go straight to colour your own hair and check out which one looks best on you.
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